Which Smartphone is The Most Secure?

September 16, 2013  |  blog, design

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Are all mobile phones created equal? No. Each smart phone has its strengths and weaknesses. In the end, security is largely up to you.


Consider these key points:

. Malware is commonly found on iPhones that have been “jail broken.” It happens when you install a software application on your computer and then transfer it to your iPhone, where it “breaks open” the phone’s file system, allowing you to modify it – but also opening it up to malware. Failing to change the password on a jail broken iPhone makes it easy for malicious attackers to create worms that infect the device.


Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile takes the cake when it comes to attracting malware via SMS (text messaging). The amount of SMS malware found on Windows Mobile devices is much higher in comparison to others.

BlackBerry. Developers have kept the phone’s inner workings a secret from the public, a contributing factor in the relatively small number of exploits for the BlackBerry.

There’s little information on malware for this device, which is the oldest smart phone and one of the most popular outside of America. Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian have malware that’s not present on Android or iPhone.

Android. Because Android uses an open-source operating system, anyone can submit applications containing malicious functions. You must decide if an app comes from a safe and reputable source.

So use caution and never install apps from unknown sources. To protect your phone and your valuable information, make security your priority.

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